DEAR SIR/MAM If you can supply gold Dust CIF Italy AU Gold dust/nuggets/bar s 92% or +(22 carat or+) Price NEGOTIABLE. Quantity: 5-10-30 kg as trial shipment, seller's choice, followed by 50kg monthly or plus. Assay: Final assay to be made at buyer's refinery in ITALY. Payment: Within 3 working days, via BWT to the seller's bank account. We do not travel, to view gold or discuss sales contracts, and all our business is conducted only at the refinery secure and protected premise. We never make any kind of payment in advance, before the safe delivery and final assay of the gold at our selected refinery. For shipment test: NO BANKING INSTRUMENTS NO BLOCK FUNDS OR OTHER. PLEASE IGNORE THIS MESSAGE IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO WORK ON OUR TERMS PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU ARE READY FOR DETAILS ABOUT US

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