Talc Powder

Talc Powder

We are exporter of Best quality Talc powder and mainly emphasis on our quality.An ornamental and heat, acid and electrically-res istant stone (soapstone) used as counter tops, electrical switchboards, carvings etc, used as an ingredient in paints, rubber, roofing materials, ceramics and insecticides. Most commonly known as the primary ingredient in talcum powder.Talc is an important industrial mineral. Its resistance to heat, electricity and acids make it an ideal surface for lab counter tops and electrical switchboards. It is also an important filler material for paints, rubber and insecticides. Even with all these uses, most people only know talc as the primary ingredient in talcum powder.

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    Minerals & Metallurgy » Non-Metallic Minerals » Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit » Talc

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    25.00 Metric Ton/Metric Tons

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    Port Qasim Karachi

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    0.00  Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

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    25 days

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    Talc Powder
    Chemistry: Mg3Si4O10(OH)2, Magnesium
    Silicate Hydroxide
    Class: Silicates
    Subclass: Phyllosilicates
    Group:Clays and also The Montmorillonite / Smectite Group.
    Physical Characteristics:
    Colour is snow white to almost silver.
    Luster is dull to pearly or greasy.
    Transparency crystals are translucent and masses are opaque.
    Crystal System is mono clinic; 2/m.
    Hardness is 1 (can leave mark on paper)
    Specific Gravity is 2.7 - 2.8 (average)

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    All items are well packed according to the requirement to keep the product safe and in usable condition. Packaging is also done as per customer's requirement...

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